Urban Permaculture Guild presents:

Upcoming Permaculture First Responder Design Courses

A three day intensive of permaculture design skills,
leadership training and catastrophe scenario planning and community building.
Solar Living Institute, Hopland, CA
Taught by: Benjamin Fahrer, Kat Steele and Mia Rose
April 25-27, 2008

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As peak oil sets in and climate change brings on unprecedented natural disasters, we see more clearly our dependency on a fragile centralized system. Permaculture is a holistic approach to how we design our lives and our relationship to all the systems that support us. This incredible three-day training brings together permaculture design skills along with practical medical training to provides the most cutting edge and integrated approach that one can use in being best prepared and responding to the climatic and social transitions that we are experiencing as a human culture today.

Participants will learn how to stabilize a situation in both the visible and invisible structures within communities and come up with regenerative designs to build from. Topics include Eco-base camp design, composting, myco-remediation, renewable energy systems, group decision making andfacilitation, basic first aid, conflict resolution, greywater systems, water harvesting, localized economies and organic mini-farming.

Come learn the skills to help build a lifeboat for your community….
Remember it’s a small world after oil.


Previous workshops included:

Water for every Farm, A Keyline Design Intensive
Weekend, Nov 30-December 2 and
an extended intensive Hands-on intensive with Darren on Dec 3rd & 4th. Big Sur, CA

Watch videos of Darren's Keyline Design Workin Action

EARTH HEALING STRATEGIES: An Advanced Earth Activist Training
Intensive Offered in collaboration with Permaculture First Responder
Taught by: Starhawk, Benjamin Fahrer, and Mia Rose
Feb. 10-17th, 2008