Review of Sustainable Technologies for Eliminating Waste, Recycling and for Real economic Progress.
Many Links to sustainable technology, Recycling, organic gardening-farming, renewable energy, Permaculture and disaster relief web sites.

Waste not, Want Not: ..

Worm Composting: ..

Compost Tea:

Worm Tea:

E.M. Composting: ..

Recycling Waste Water:

Purifying waste water with plant technology:
book Growing Clean Water, author: B. C. Wolverton ..

Purifying water with Pond Sand Filter Systems

Gray Water Recycling:
book: Builder's Greywater Guide, author: Art Ludwig

Recycling Heat from Waste Water for heating and cooling buildings:

No Flush Composting Toilet Systems: ..
book: Composting Toilet System Book, author: David Del Porto
book: Humanure Handbook, author: Joseph Jenkins

Solar Water Purification: ..

Recycling and Purifying Indoor Air by utilizing plant technology (reducing heating and cooling costs):
book: How To Grow Fresh Air, author: B. C. Wolverton ..

Solar Tube Indoor Daylighting for growing plants indoors (reducing heating and cooling costs): ..

Rainwater Harvesting (collection): ..
book: Rainwater Harvesting, author: Arnold Pacey & Adrian Cullis
book: Rainwater Catchment Systems for Domestic Supply, author: Erik Nissen Petersen
book: Water Storage: Tanks, Cisterns, author: by Art Ludwig

Fog Water Harvesting (collection): ..

book: Last Oasis: Facing Water Scarcity, author: Sandra Postel
book: Water for every Farm, author: P. Yeomans
book: Gardening Without Water, author: Charlotte Green ..

Roof top Gardening and Farming and storm water abatement (Recycling storm water)
Saving energy costs by reducing heating and cooling costs and heat island mitigation:

Recycling storm water (heat island mitigation, cleaning and filtering storm water)
Porous concrete vehicle parking areas and green parking lots

Purifying and Recycling Polluted Soil with plants (phytoextraction of lead, arsenic and uranium from soil): ..

Recycling Used Cooking Oil:
Run your diesel vehicle on used cooking oil. ..

heating buildings with Vegetable Diesel Fuel
(Recyced Used Cooking Oil works better than home heating oil)

Recycling Glass:

Reduce air conditioning cost 20% to 40%
Paint your house and roof white, which reflects infra red sunlight ..

Insulating house paint - reduce heating and cooling costs and energy use:

Recycling Straw- Create furniture and houses from straw waste ..
training for: buiding straw bale buildings
book: Building With Straw Bales, author: Barbara Jones

Renewable Energy:

Disaster Relief-Eliminating Famines-Solar Energy

Training for developing countries and for emergency response teams: ian (at) ..

Emergency Shelters and Housing

Eliminate Hunger Luke 10:29 www.healthmasters.com ..

Community Gardens feeding the hungry

Gardening Therapy
book: Healing Gardens, author: Clare Cooper Marcus
book: Restorative Gardens, author: Nancy Gerlach-Spriggs

Organic Technology for Gardeners & Farmers:
book: How to Grow World Record Tomatoes, author: Charles Wilbur

Winter farming and Gardening - Solar greenhouses and more
Passive Solar Greenhouse Workshop: design, construction & year round production:
contact: sandcmoore (at) telephone: 717.225.2489 (USA) Steve & Carol Moore
book: Lasagna Gardening, author: Patricia Lanza ..

heating Green houses with Solar Hot Water and radiant floor heating systems

Bringing Sun Light Indoors for Gardening inside your home (recycling indoor air with plants, save energy) ..

book- The City People's Book of Raising Food, authors: William Olkowski and Helga Olkowski ..
book- Allotment Gardening, author: Susan Berger
book- Successful Allotments
book- The Allotment Handbook

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): article 1.html
book: Farms of Tomorrow: Community Supported Farms, author: Trauger Groh
book- Rebirth of the Small Family Farm, authors: Bob and Bonnie Gregson ..


Permaculture Farming-Gardening Methods for Europe and Temperate Countries:
book- The Earth Care Manual, author: Patrick Whitefield

Peak Oil and Permaculture

Organic Farming will Feed the World:

organic Vegetable Diesel Fuel: ..
book: From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank, author: Joshua Tickell
~~}Run your diesel on used cooking oil. Fill your gas tank at fast food restaurants.
~~}heating buildings with organic Vegetable Diesel Fuel - ..
/==}Convert your vehicle to use organic vegetable oil as a fuel - ..

Wind Energy: ..
Training for: building and maintaining wind generators
books for building wind energy systems -

electric Bicycles and electric Vehicles: ..
~~}Convert your vehicle to an electric vehicle- classes, books, videos and consulting- ..
~~}Women's classes on electric autos- ..

Solar Energy: ( and ..

Solar Energy training - build and maintain solar energy systems ian (at)

Micro-Hydro energy: ..
training for - building and mainting micro-hydro systems: ian (at)
book: Micro-Hydro Design Manual, author: Adam Harvey
book: Micro-Hydro Pelton Turbine Manual, author: Jeremy Thake
book: Motors As Generators for Micro-Hydro Power, author: Nigel Smith

solar Medical Equipment and solar Hospitals: ..

solar Refrigerators for vaccines and medicines: ..

Solar Water Desalination: ..

Solar water heaters: ..

Solar Water Pumps:

Free Journal about Solar Energy, Sustainable Technologies: ..

Solar Cookers and Solar Ovens: ..

Dangerous pollution from Bio-Gas cookers: (pdf File) ..

Solar Oil Cookers/Ovens and Solar Sterling Motors: b.kovats (at) ..

Solar Dish Stirling Engines

Houses from the Earth: ..

Ocean Energy, Tidal Energy and River Energy: ..

Passive solar heating of buildings
book: Passive Solar House, author: James Kachadorian
book: Solar House: Passive Heating and Cooling, author: Ph.D. Chiras

Tours of Solar Homes and Solar Buildings: ..

Storing Renewable Energy for later use ..

Solar Heat Storage

Water Battery - economical energy storage for developing countries and for remote sites:
Use a Ram Pump to pump water to an elevated storage tank. Then use the gravity of the water in the storage tank to generate electricity by using a Micro-Hydro generator. ..

heating buildings with Solar hot water and radiant floor heating systems

Build into the Future
Indestructible and energy efficient buildings and homes (Hurricane proof, Tornado proof, Earthquake proof and Tidal Wave proof) cnalbant (at) ..

Why be Stupid?